Network Help To Go is a full-service computer and network consultancy with over 20 years experience in Information Technology.  We support businesses in many industries, as well as government and non-profit agencies, but we also help people with their computers and networks at home.

While we generally do not sell hardware and software, NHTG can help you determine the best products to match your goals and stay within your budget.  We do not earn commission on products we recommend, so you can be sure that our opinion is not biased toward our profitability.  Once you have made your purchases, NHTG can install and configure your new software and equipment to work with what you already have, or to replace an out-dated system.

NHTG provides troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair of many different types of systems including PCs, Macs, servers, routers, printers, scanners, point-of-sale, tablets, smartphones, security cameras, and more.

We also help with negotiating new or existing services from telephone and internet providers, and can be your point of contact with service providers, so you do not get bogged down in technical details.  In most cases, we can recommend adjustments to your services to get more for your money, or keep costs down.

Call us today to find out how we can be of service to you!